Real time photo amazingness:

Engage your audience with a unique brand experience

UPGRD Engagement is a real time Branded Content creator for campaigns, events, branding, fan engagement, expos…

What is UPGRD Engagement?

UPGRD Engagement is a consumer engagement tool that turns your target audience’s mobile photos into a unique brand experience in the blink of an eye.

Intuitive user experience, no app download required. Designed for impulsive use with mobile phones and to be shared in social media.

UPGRD Engagement use cases:

Lifestyle brands & shops

Amaze your target group & let them share your brand!


Delight fans & launch that new game or a movie with style!

Sport Franchises

Engage fans and let them be proud in their team’s colors!

Charity & fundraising

Sharing is caring. A wonderful way to spread your cause!

Consumer Brands

Engage your audience by running online campaigns with an edge.

Travel & Tourism

Traveling is always an experience. So can be its marketing!

Sport events

Power solution for pre-marketing or event photo sharing!

Expos & Fairs

Let your visitors shine in an artwork tailored for your business!

Party booths

Hold on to your hats – it’s here. A party booth without a booth!

How does it work?

Deliver us your brand materials and pre-made campaign visuals. If you wish us to create a campaign visual for you, we’re glad to do it. Ask more from sales.

We’ll set up your unique engagement campaign site. After this you are ready to share the site in your marketing channels. We’ll deliver weekly reports of your campaign success.

What does it cost?

Starting from $3,900 / 3500€ – including:

  • Branded engagement site with photo enrichment.
  • Built in editing & sharing options.
  • Reports on visitors, uploads, shares etc.
  • 2 months running time.
  • Branded campaign photo gallery.


Good, because so are we. Let’s create your first UPGRD Engagement experience now!