Presenting the UPGRD effect:

Cooler variations. Happier customers. Better sales!

UPGRD Enterprise Integration unlocks the photo enrichment magic in your own online sales platform.

What is UPGRD Enterprise?

UPGRD Enterprise is an integration solution for volume photography operators. The basic idea is simple: by offering your customers amazing, customizable artwork variations alongside the original photos, your company can increase shopping cart values, offer a better customer experience and gain a competitive edge.

How does it work?

UPGRD can be integrated with your platform via a public secure API. Also a tailored integration solution is possible, if you are more comfortable hosting the UPGRD engine locally. Our tech team will help you with a successful integration process and provide you with all the necessary documentation.

Did you know?

90% of volume photo customers would like to see photos enriched with artwork. Over 50% of volume photo customers buy photos enriched with artwork.

What do families & clients say?

”We have three children and experience from dozens of school photos. These photos beat them all.”

”I have followed school photos since 1974 and your photos are something else.”

“Amazing. Coolest school & sport photos EVER!”

With or without background? JPEG or PNG?

Both work! UPGRD can do its magic to JPEG photos with the original background or to PNG photos with a removed background. If your company operates with JPEG photos and would like to offer artworks with the background removed, we can offer some very good tips and solutions for that too!

“I already got my first file from the API. Took me 5 minutes. Nice work! Everything is looking great and very intuitive API framework.”

Scott DeFusco
Co-Founder and CEO, Capturelife